DevFest Lahore 2023

Lahore, Pakistan

DevFest 2023 - Pakistan's Largest Developer Conference

DevFest is the only large-scale developers conference in Pakistan that brings a hybrid of talks, workshops and codelabs, bringing together tech enthusiasts, developers and the entrepreneurial community from all over the region, for an immersive experience focused on exploring the next generation of diverse technologies.

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Get the most out of what’s trendy in the global IT market from our wide range of diverse, experienced and technically sound speakers.

Arsalan Arshad

Software Engineer at Google

Badar Khushnood

Co-Founder at Fishry, x-Google

Usama Bin Shafqat

Software Engineer at Google

Fahd Imtiaz

Product Manager at Google

Aqsa Kausar

Tech Lead @ Red Buffer

Fahad Mansoor

Software Engineer at Google

Sakina Abbas

CEO at Reactree

Huzaifa Habib

Community Manager at Google

Emad Ehsan

Senior Software Engineer at Bayer

Murtaza Ali Baig

Manager Product Support at 1Byte

Engage in technical sessions by the very best in SEA and beyond

An opportunity of a lifetime to network with some of the sharpest talent Pakistan has to offer and that’s not all, you can come back to revisit the event talks as they will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel @GDGLahore.

This track will have speaker talks and live demos about different Google technologies.

This track will have workshops and codelabs specified for AI and Machine Learning

  1. Badar Khushnood

    Opening Keynote

    - PKT

  2. Arslan Arshad

    Attention Is All You Need

    - PKT

  3. Murtaza Ali Baig

    Application of Computational Linguistics in Healthcare

    - PKT

  4. Aqsa Kausar

    Simple ML for Sheets

    - PKT

  5. Usama Bin Shafqat

    What's Next For Generative AI?

    - PKT

  6. Networking Break

    - PKT

  7. Sakina Abbas

    Building Real-time Multiplayer Games with Flutter & Firebase

    - PKT

  8. Emad Ehsan

    Conversational Search Engine for your Dataset using PaLM

    - PKT

  9. Fahad Mansoor

    Introduction to ChromeOS

    - PKT

  10. Fahd Imtiaz

    Developing High-Quality Apps for Large Android Screens

    - PKT

  11. Huzaifa Habib

    Google Developer Community Highlights

    - PKT

  12. Awards & Giveaways

    - PKT

  13. Announcements

    - PKT

  14. Closing Note

    - PKT

Sponsors & Partners

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